Bookmarks and Grades

Basic operations on bookmarks

Bookmark actions are located in the button:

Add: menu item "Add Bookmark..." or "A" key. The "Add Bookmark" window will appear:

Add Bookmark form

This function in WorkAudioBook has a clear difference from other players – to add a bookmark you need to choose "tag". Tag will help you later to find a certain kind of bookmarks: difficult phrases (tag "HARD"), phrases with interesting grammar (tag "GRAM") or interesting quotes (tag "QUOT"). You can add your own tags, change or delete the existing ones – for this there is "Tags..." button. As you can see – there is a digit under the tag's name – this is a hot-key. Instead of pressing "A", and then selecting a tag "HARD", you can just press digit "1".

Edit: right click on a bookmark and select "Edit":

Bookmark, Edit

Delete: right click on a bookmark and select "Delete", or click button and select "Delete Bookmarks", to delete bookmarks in the selected area. You can also use the hot-key – digit "0".

Go to bookmark: click button and select "Bookmarks..." menu item.

Repetition of difficult fragments

The typical task in studying is the repetition of difficult sentences.

When you first listen to the file, click button and select "Add When 'Play Next' is Pressed" option. With this option, when you click "Play Next" button, application will automatically show "Add Bookmark" window and ask you to evaluate the difficulty of a phrase that you just listened to. Press corresponding digit, from 1 to 3. If together with an audio file, you opened subtitles, then in the field "Bookmark Text" you'll see the text of the current subtitle, in order to evaluate the correctness of your understanding of audio.

When you reach the end, after the evaluation of the last phrase, the application will show you the statistics that can help you see your progress:

Bookmarks Statistics form

Now let's repeat complex fragments. Go to the first phrase. Then click button and select "Move Only Around Bookmarks..." option. A window "How to Select Phrases" will appear:

How to Select Phrases form

Check the tags you want to repeat and click "Move around Bookmarks" button. Now the "Play Next" button will only move between bookmarks with specified tags.

Additional tips:

  • If you have subtitles, you can go to "Settings" window, "Subtitles" tab and choose "Select phrases: Exactly as subtitles" option.
  • Before the first listening you can mark all subtitles with bookmarks with "HARD" tag. Click button and select "Add Bookmarks for All Subtitles..."

Writing practice

First, click , "Writing practice".

Writing Practice tab

Choose "Enter: Play next" option, so [Enter] key in this window to play the next fragment.

Next steps for writing practice are similar to steps for repetition of difficult fragments. To automatically check the text you typed, you need to have subtitles. In this case in "Add bookmark" window the application will check the similarity between the text you typed and the text of the current subtitle. Then, basing on highlighted discrepancy, you can evaluate the quality of your spelling (and, for example, you can ignore misspelling of names or words reduction).

Add Bookmark form

Additional tips:

  • Most of the hot-keys in "Writing practice" window you would need to press together with "Alt" key. For example, to listen to the current phrase again you would need to press [Alt + Space] instead of just [Space].

Tags customization

When you press "Tags..." button in "Add Bookmark" window, "Bookmark Tags" window appears. There you can customize tags according with your learning methodology, set tags appearance and hot-keys.

Bookmark Tags form