How to extract audio tracks and subtitles from YouTube videos

One more source of audio files and subtitles to learn a foreign language are videos from YouTube. For example, CCProse channel has more then 100 classical literary works together with subtitles (another variant of TOC are on their web site). Let's take a look at how to extract audio and subtitles from YouTube videos.

Audio files

The first link from Google search for "extract audio from youtube" lead me here: listentoyoutube.com. Copy address of YouTube video into "Enter YouTube URL" field, press "Go", wait for completion of MP3 extraction and download the file.


The search in Google for "extract subtitles from youtube" lead me here: google2srt.sourceforge.net. Download the application, unpack "zip" archive. Start "run.bat" (application requires Java, if you don't have it, go here).

Next steps are:

  1. Copy address of YouTube video into "Google subtitles" field
  2. Press "Read" to get the list of available subtitles
  3. Press "Browse" to specify file name to save subtitles
  4. Select language of subtitles
  5. Press "Go!"

Please, check that both MP3 and SRT files are in the same folder and have the same names (except extensions) – this will allow WorkAudioBook to open subtitles automatically when you open MP3 file.

Attention! Most of subtitles on YouTube have inaccurate timing of text. So, go to Settings in WorkAudioBook, and in "Subtitles" section for "Select phrases" setting select "Subtitles don't affect phrase selection" option.