[Feature Request] Export Audio Clip/Fragment

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[Feature Request] Export Audio Clip/Fragment

Postby squeeze » 28 Sep 2016, 22:00


Thank you for this incredible program. Finally, someone who both understands true language learning and can program very well builds a tool that helps so many!

Your tool is one of very few that conveniently allows navigating media by clicking on subtitles and the only one that added all the other incredibly useful tools tools such as the point and click Subtitle Editor.

I have several suggestions, however, I will hold back until I have much more experience with the tool. The most pressing and obvious one, which would also indirectly give you workarounds to other feature requests and issues, is the ability to Export Sound Clip/Fragment and optionally (for you) to be able to Copy & Paste Sound Clip to Clipboard for the platforms that support a Clipboard. A good export format would be WAV files, though it is important that they are stereo/dual channel I believe - some programs cannot handle mono WAV files.

Some use cases would be to be able to copy and paste into external tools that can slow down or manipulate the speed of audio, or to export specific clips into Anki or other SRS tools, or to do detailed waveform analysis and comparisons, etc.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you again. I'll be telling everyone I know of this great program regardless!

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Re: [Feature Request] Export Audio Clip/Fragment

Postby SergeyP » 29 Sep 2016, 18:36

Thank you for your suggestion and good words aboat the app!

Right now I lack free time, so adding of new features is postponed. But I hope to continue :)

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