Where to get audiobooks

Learning audio materials

For people who are just starting to learn a foreign language, the best choice for listening is audiobooks that are simplified or abridged. To simplify a book, various approaches are used – the main approach is the usage of easy, common words that can be found in any small dictionary.

For the English language learners:

I know about several series of abridged audiobooks: "Oxford Bookworms", "Penguin Readers", "Cambridge Readers", "Macmillan Readers". Most of them can be found via torrents.

Interesting podcasts about life in the UK: Listen to English Podcasts

A special section at Voice of America web site: VOA Learning English

Look what other users recommend, or recommend yourself: Forum

Audiobooks with subtitles

Subtitles make your studying easier. When you can't recognize some words that reader says, you can look at the current subtitle. WorkAudioBook supports two formats of subtitles: "WorkAudioBook HTML" and "SRT". This page contains several audiobooks with subtitles: "Audiobooks with subtitles"

Unabridged audiobooks

For people with good level of foreign language it would be more interesting to listen to original, unabridged audiobooks.

There are several web sites, where you can legally download audiobooks free of charge. Usually these books are classics of world literature, available as MP3 + some text format.

Project LibriVox


On-line library LibriVox contains more than 10,000 audiobooks and audio files in more than 20 languages. These books are read by volunteers. On one hand this can be seen as a minus (not all books are recorded and read professionally), on another hand this can be seen as a plus (you can listen and get accustomed to voices of ordinary people, not professional narrators). It is easy to get lost in long list of book in this library, so I recommend to start with these links:

Project Gutenberg

Another popular web sites with audiobooks:



Audiobooks and audio files in MP3 format, learning subjects. There you can find some free audiobooks and some that you will have to pay for.

OverDrive Search


Search for audiobooks in local libraries in the US and bookstores.



The biggest on-line shop of audiobooks. It belongs to Amazon and has more then 100,000 titles. Unfortunately, these audiobooks are in proprietary ".aa" format, that is copy-protected. But there are several instructions in Internet how to convert these ".aa" files into MP3. The simplest (but taking long time to convert) solution is to use free audio editor Audacity – see Tutorial - Recording audio playing on the computer There are faster (but more complicated) ways that include recording audio CDs by Nero Burning ROM, etc.